Tuesday, October 5, 2010


Webcamming is  a really hard job! First of all  you have to stay hard all the time:) Second, you have to do something interesting all the time and  you have to move always.If you stop for  10 seconds your visitors will be  bored for that  10 second and your  job is to entertain them constantly.The other thing is, you have to be hot, really hot otherwise people will not pay just to see you on camera. You have to have nice big muscules, big and nice cock, a really handsome face and at last you have to have a big  brain so that when you talk, you don't ruin all the good things you exhibit.So as you see it is not easy to be a muscular webcam boy. I remember after some of my  shows  on webcam,  i have sweated   damn much that my chair is all wet and  sweat was dripping from all of my body and  face to the floor. It is not easy but  Fun! Showing of my  big things on my webcam is really fun.God gave those goodness to me not to hide it  for a lifetime but to share it with  the people who are interested in...Kiss you!

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